Kelly - North Star Vascular and Interventional Team

Kelly P., RN

With 17 years of dedicated service as a Registered Nurse, Kelly has had the privilege of working across various healthcare settings, including the ER, ICU, Critical Care Float, Care coordination, Pre-op, and PACU. 

In her spare time Kelly enjoys spending time with her two wonderful daughters and continues to promote health and wellness by teaching fitness classes. 

Compassion and empathy are the cornerstones of her approach, as Kelly takes time to make sure that each patient knows they are valued and cared for. One of the aspects of nursing that resonates deeply with her is patient education. She finds fulfillment in empowering patients and their families with the knowledge and skills necessary for effective self-care at home. Her journey as a healthcare professional and an advocate for healthy living continues to evolve, and she looks forward to making a positive impact on the lives of those she serves.

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