Sondra - North Star Vascular and Interventional Team

Sondra B., RT(R)(VI)

Sondra is a dedicated Radiologic Technologist committed to providing top-notch healthcare services with a warm touch. Bringing a wealth of experience and a passion for diagnostic imaging to the clinic, she understands the importance of health and well-being, especially as a recent bride. Excited to be part of a team that prioritizes patient care, she is committed to ensuring a positive experience for all.

Outside the clinic, Sondra enjoys spending time with family and friends. Whether engaging in lively board games or happily dogsitting for friends, she believes in the power of joy and laughter as essential components of a healthy life.

Recognizing that healthcare is not just about technicalities, Sondra strives to create connections with patients. She aims to make the experience at North Star comfortable, reassuring, and even enjoyable, fostering a sense of warmth and trust in every interaction.

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