Welcome to TRUE NORTH… the North Star Vascular and Interventional Blog

For centuries, the North Star was used by sailors and ancient explorers to navigate the seas. Today, the North Star has taken on an even greater meaning—that of a symbol of hope and direction, guiding each of us towards our own “true north.”

Throughout their careers, our doctors have taken a pioneering role, providing leadership in the growing field of vascular and interventional radiology and guiding our colleagues toward better ways of practicing medicine. Our name was chosen to reflect that spirit.

North Star Vascular & Interventional is a Minneapolis-based, dedicated interventional radiology practice. Our founders, Dr. Jafar Golzarian, Dr. Amin Astani and Dr. Bulent Arslan are fellowship-trained in vascular and interventional radiology and hail from some of the region’s most prestigious healthcare and academic institutions. In fact, some of our doctors were the very first in the United States to perform some of the interventional radiology services offered at our center and at other top hospitals throughout the country.

Fortunately for our patients, they will receive the same high-quality care without having to visit a busy hospital and benefit from top-tier care, with our physicians implementing the latest academic best practices. They can have their treatment performed at a modern, fully equipped outpatient clinic, with greater convenience, superior service and at a lower overall cost.

Each month, this blog will cover the latest advances in medicine and minimally invasive therapies. We invite you to subscribe to stay abreast of the constantly growing and evolving field of interventional radiology. Chances are, you will someday benefit from one or more of the services we offer, and keeping up to date will ensure that you and your doctor are aware of these viable options when it comes to the management of your health and longevity.

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